// december 1st: sick ;;

The first day of December and I come up with a 101.8 degree fever…

I’m waking up. I check my tempeture. 101.8? Well, I guess it would be fine if I go to school. So my mommy drives me, telling me to call grandpa if I need to come home. Well, as soon as I get out of the car, I just feel this intense fatigue. I guess it’s okay… I head to my science class and I rest for a while. The next thing I knew, we were playing a game and I was next. I won! But it doesn’t feel like a victory. Hm.

It was our meeting next, half-way through the class. We have to do 10 hours of community service. I need to find a way to be able to get 10 hours without straining myself too hard. Well, anyway, I drag myself to geometry class, and I realize that everything is a blur… I can’t see what’s written on the board. I’m extremely tired and I try to struggle to keep myself awake. Homework is assigned, I try to focus as long as I can.

My friend behind me says that P.E. would be a drag. I tell them that I’ll likely go home before then. They ask, “Why?” My reply was, “I came to school with a 101.8 fever…” and I rush off to 3rd period. French. I tried so hard to sleep. I was just waiting for the class to end so I could see if I could head home. The bell rings. I rush off with my friend Alison to P.E.

I tell her I’m likely going to see if I could go home. But I’m too afraid to ask. One of my other friends pushes me up to the teacher to ask. She tells me to ask my actual teacher (who is in the boy’s locker room, so I kinda have to wait.) He gives me a pass to the office. I go to the office trying to explain about my sickliness, without giving away that I came to school with a fever.

She checks my temperature. 98.8. Whew, it went down. I call my grandma asking if grandpa could come pick me up. The office lady says that my grandpa isn’t in my “emergency contacts”. I call my mommy, talking to her while I nearly cry (because I’m not good with asking for things…) and everything turns out okay.

I go to grab my stuff before my grandpa comes. I meet my social studies teacher and my English teacher who both hope that I’ll feel better. I head home, and I was at my grandma’s, watching a drama with grandma and also falling asleep. Finally, a peaceful nap… My aunt comes by with a cake for grandpa (it’s his birthday today! He’s 59.) and I realize that I should probably do my homework too, now that I’m awake.

I still feel kinda tired though. I’ll try to take a nap later. My friend Kathy says I should stay home tomorrow if I’m still feeling bad though. I’ll try, I guess…


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