// december, day 3 ;;

It’s the middle of the week already, so amazing. DX

I feel a lot better today, though I’m still kinda sick. I got up with some more energy, so I made it to school without sleeping. I got some “Welcome Back!” from a few friends, and later headed to science. It was a pretty average day in science.

Geometry was same-same too, we have a test tomorrow. French was same too, it usually always is. D= Afterwards, I go to the entrance of the band room (I stay at the bottom of the stairs) and wait for my friend. Though she was taking a while, so I walked in and people thought I was in orchestra. @_@ Afterwards, we headed to P.E.

Some agressive person was playing with the volleyball and hit it, and it hit me against the face. I was crying and so the P.E. teacher told me to go to the locker room to calm down. I wasn’t bleeding, but it really hurt… *Sigh* But I was okay after that.

Lunch was the same too. So was social studies, though we had a big laugh at the end. And English was same-same too. That was about it, it was a pretty boring day.

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