// december needs snow ;;

I would like it to snow, but then I would likely get sick again.

Today was an average day. I got up, later than usual because I was so tired that I didn’t hear mommy calling my name to wake me up. I ate cereal and ran out the door and we drove to school. I was singing to a few songs on my way to school, got out and headed to my locker. I went to visit my friends, but didn’t last too long.

Science, we wrote a conclusion and turned it in, it wasn’t too long. Geometry, we had a quiz, it was so hard. ;_; Well, more like a test. Too lazy to backspace. French, she talked to me about how she feels bad that I get so bored because nobody else finishes their work. She doesn’t mind if I do work from other classes during French because I’m so ahead from everyone else. She wants to make me do the online lessons that her high school kids are doing, so I might try it out. But she can’t give me more work because then she has to insert it for everyone’s grade, which would cause them all to flunk. I don’t mind it though.

P.E., more volleyball. We were really bad, so a person joined us for the game. Another girl was like, “You should at least say thank you! D=<” and I gave her an unexpected hug, “Thank youuuu~ <3” She laughed, but in a way that didn’t seem insulting. Kind of like, “Silly little girl. :3” kind of thing.

The next game, some other girl joined us and I gave her an unexpected hug. It was fun playing with her and we high-fived a lot. After that, lunch was pretty boring, we were listing things we could do for 10 hours of community service.

Social studies, we presented, it was okay. We did a really short reflection piece, but mine turned out to be 2 1/2 pages. English, we watched a movie about Animal Farm which scared the spit out of me… ;____;

Otherwise, LSS has been a mess with the off-topic spam, so we really need to reorganize that. I’m sick of it when there are so many pages of short posts that are not relatively close to the actual subject. It makes me pretty angry. But other than that, I’m tired.


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