// lonely friday ;;

I feel tired. I need something interesting to put here before I do “read more”. …

Darn, too la— Please don’t say you are lazy..

Well, school was okay today. I woke up on time, got ready, ate cereal, same routine. We did a quiz and watched a movie in science, and then we just did more geometry work in geometry (Ironic, isn’t it?)

In French, we basically went to the library the entire period looking at French celebrations. P.E., we just did some running around and stuff. I didn’t push myself, yaaaay. <33 During lunch, it got boring because there was a rehearsal for band/orchestra.

Social studies, we went to the library to do research on helping our community with donations. My friend next to me was on her own laptop and she was sobbing because she kept seeing this one kind of arthritis that her older sister has. I noticed it, and I was comforting her until she stood up and hugged me.

My teacher then noticed and thought it was a friendly hug, which it was, but my teacher thought she was happy or something. And another one of my friends came over to help her, and the three of us talked in the hallway while taking her to the counseling office. I rushed back to social studies to grab her stuff while the bell rings, and I take it to her and I got back to English class on time.

In English, we watched the rest of Animal Farm and just had an assignment. The bus ride was okay, a little boring, but I managed. I got home and was looking at my MSN list, but he was busy. Well, after that, I did the rest of my homework while listening to my shouting sister.

Later, sister throws a tantrum and mommy gets mad. I try to calm the both of them down, and it worked, thankfully. I’m home alone right now, and kind of tired at the same time. My parents and sister went off to someone’s house down in Renton. Renton always reminds me of airports and those remind me of… *Sigh*

Well, I hope I can relax this weekend. <3

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