// fast saturday ;;

I can’t believe Saturday is nearly over already. We deserve a longer weekend. 10 days until Winter Break omg. <3

I fell asleep around 12:30 this morning, and woke up around 12:30pm. I laid in bed for a while, and I got up and played with my baby cousin for a little while. Then I got online and browsed around LSSF while trying to get my MSN to work.

I’ve been wanting to make gifs, but it’s been impossible for me to do so, since the HQ videos don’t work. That, or my computer fails. I think it’s the latter. I’ve been trying to save up money for my teachers for a Christmas card and chocolate, so I’ve been thinking about what to get them first. So far, what I have is…

Cards: I might buy a pack of six that they sell, since it’s way too much to get them individual cards. ;_; So it’ll probably be $4 for a pack of 6.

I haven’t decided on the candy or the chocolate to get them, so I’ll browse around the store later. I’m practically broke.  XDD I also need to decide on what I’m planning on doing, I’ll likely get my friends candy. Well, I’ll get Usagi a small gift. <3

I wish I could get Razor a gift too. D= Other than that, I’ve been tired. I think it’s been a pretty boring day.

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