// a sunday ;;

A Sunday. Meaning there are more! Hopefully. What a quick weekend. I need more time to sleep.

We went to pick up my cousin this morning, but we forgot what number his apartment was. ;_; So mommy guessed and it was right, hehe~ He looked really excited to see us, and then we headed off to church. I was thinking a little during church until I fell asleep. It felt like an unusual deep sleep because I hadn’t realized that I was actually asleep until my cousin woke me up. Well, after church, we went to a restaurant and ate until we were full!

After that, we went grocery shopping, my cousin wanted to stay in the car. My sister told him to watch out for hobos. .-. Well, then we went inside and followed mommy, and I get a phone call. My cousin calls because he said he was lonely. So afterwards, mommy said we should go outside with him so he’s less lonely, and she gave me her car keys.

A few minutes later, we’re out there and mommy’s done, so we head home. We drop everything off and pick up grandma to Toys R Us to buy toys for the little ones for Christmas. Being me, I head to the electronics section, though I was 101% sure that they would never have a game I liked.. ;____; Though I found something my mommy and I have been looking at for a few weeks. I run back to her and tell mommy to follow and I’m rushing through the squished aisles.

I show her the portable DVD player and she ends up buying it. I usually look for whatever it is that she is wanting to buy or find, because I like looking for things for her, since she never has the time to browse herself. After we’re done, we head to another grocery store to buy stuff and my grandma and I wander off to buy my sister a Christmas present.

Though before that, my mom sees a sign for H1N1 and rushes me off to get the shot. Agh. I’m in there, squeezing my little sister while they give me the shot and it’s not as bad. But it really does ache if you force too much on your arm. I only forced too much because I helped carry groceries.

In this little wandering, I get my cousin a Halo Wars Legos pack for his enjoyment. So we spent $40. I got Candy Canes for my teachers for Christmas, I just have to get them cards now. <3

Well, after that, we got home and I spent time catching up in Fire Emblem. I also spent time helping someone with a small problem of theirs. It’s the least I can do anyway. 10 days until Winter Break.


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