// tiring tuesday ;;

Okay, lol, I had to make sure it was Tuesday. But yeah, I’m kinda tired… Can I go to sleep yet?

Science, we did note-taking and 5 people got to sit in the row of chairs, where people asked you questions. If you could answer it, you stay, if not, the person replaces you. The people who end up there would get a soda at the end. It was a cold soda. ;_;

Geometry, our teacher was talking about the homework and assigned today’s homework. Psh, too little to do.

French, we worked on the food for our restaurant skit. I’m doing the menu. <3

P.E., we took a test. I finished first (makes me feel all weird) and then did homework. My friend and I went to ask my geometry teacher something…

Alison: She [Hikari] wants to ask for the homework for tomorrow.
Teacher: WELL, TELL HER…
Me: I’m standing right here!
Teacher: Well, the way she was translating for you…
Alison: Well, can she?
Teacher: Well, I have to get these guys [4th period] first. Heading to lunch?
Me: Yup!
Teacher: *Walks over and holds up paper with the homework*
Me: *Copies*
Alison: *Tries to look*
Teacher: Hey, SHE asked for the homework. ;D

lulz, after that, we headed to lunch and ate, did homework, went to social studies.

We worked on our project for social studies, having some trouble… And then finally, English, we took a test that was easy as gummies. <3 I stayed after school to do some work on my social studies project too. Well, not much else happened.


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