// *yawns* wednesdays… ;;

Today was a disappointing day. ;_; And also 18 degrees F. Isn’t it lovely?

We had a music assembly, the concert band/orchestra played two songs each, the symphonic band/orchestra played two songs each, the choir (very small) played two songs each and then the awesome jazz band, lawl. The difference between jazz band and everyone else is that they get the awesome lighting that makes their instruments sparkle (lolol, vampires.) and they get the really cool solos.

But I wasn’t cheering for the solos, I was cheering for my friend who was holding the microphone for their solos. ;D Nah, their solos were really awesome, I know the people doing the solos too, actually. :D Though I was sad because one of my friends didn’t have a solo.

Well, science, we played review games for a while, and I totally got two teachers to play the review game (one of them walked in from nowhere and I got them to play, lolol) Well, then class was dismissed and a kid got into trouble because they took more than one piece of candy and literally shoved much of it into their pockets. I tried to mind my own business though.

Geometry was same-same, we just got more homework, but we had very little class time, due to the assembly taking a while. French was same also, the teacher complimented my computer art skills in making a really cool restaurant menu. ;_; Well, then we had P.E.. Apparently, I’m an inexperienced basketball player and has to learn everything from the top. I know the rules better than most, darn it. I bet it’s because I’m short. ;_;

Lunch was the same, we talked about cosplay and stuff. I was singing most of the time though. Social studies was pretty fun, we’re all pretty good friends in the class, so we help one another and joke around. English was fine, we did our revising of our theme essay. Five-paragraph literary analysis essay. Try saying that five times fast. I mess up at literary.

I was singing on the bus most of the time, I think it was “Lost my Music (English)”, then “God Knows”, and “Simple And Clean (Remix)”, “I Say Yes” and then “Hayate no Gotoku!”. The bus driver stopped because of the people sitting in the back, he stopped for about ten minutes, I guess.

I came home and ate two slices of pizza, waiting for mommy. She takes us to the mall and I check both GameStop stores, neither of which had Tales of the Abyss for PS2. I was really sad… ;_; They said there was a store about 37 miles from here, but nah.. As much as I want the game, I don’t want to drive 37 miles for it… I bought cards for my teachers for Christmas, just a way of saying thanks. Along with stickers and candy canes.

After two hours of traveling the mall, we went home and just sat around for a while. I’m a little tired after a day of disappointment. My nose also bled, which kind of hurt, so I laid back for a while. I think I’m alright now. ^^


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