// a week until winter break ;;

Only a week! Five days! <3

That aside, in science, we basically had tea bags, took out the tea by removing the staple on the bag and removing it. Ripping the tea bag would not work. You then stand the tea bag upwards like a tall cylinder, and light the very edge of the tea bag. If it works, it should be really awesome. Then we wrote about it.

Geometry, we did a warm up and my teacher was making a mistake here and there. Some kid made a stupid remark at him and he got really angry. It frightened all of us because everyone was extremely silent after the teacher spoke. I really don’t like seeing him get angry, it’s so intimidating. Then we did homework.

French, we did a test, basically. Class passes so fast during French, I was doing geometry homework afterwards anyway.

P.E., we played basketball. It was 2-on-3, which was extremely unfair. Some kid threw the basketball at my arm and bruised it, but it doesn’t hurt anymore. I’m better on defense, since I can’t shoot a basket to save my life.

Lunch was the same, we talked about random things here and there.

Social studies, we decided to volunteer to help an elementary school, so we’re planning to do that on Tuesday.

And English, we just did a metaphors worksheet. I have no homework. I was also singing on the bus, but I kept thinking… It makes me a little upset.. But I can’t be upset everytime he’s not on, you know?

Well, it’s the weekend! Fire Emblem, Fire Emblem, and hibernation. <3


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