// painfully painful sunday ;;

Oh, Sunday. How I kinda don’t really like you. ;_;

It’s the end of the week, until WINTER BREAK. FIVE DAYS. FIVEEE~ 16 days of no school, hehe. <3 Well, anyway, today…. I went to church, we ate, then went to the anime store. Um.. We went home and I started writing the Christmas cards for my teachers, along with candy canes and a bow and some curled ribbon.

I had a dentist appointment. The process was so painful. So they put stuff in my teeth, picking inbetween. No problem, right? It hurts at times. They floss really hard and it doesn’t seem too awful. The dentist tells me to rinse my mouth and gives me a cup of water. I drink. Swirl. Spit. … Blood? Huh? So much blood…

Later, they begin drilling at the very top of my tooth in the back of the right side of my mouth, and the bottom two, I think. It was so painful, the drilling was just.. ugh.. I could feel pieces of teeth flying around in my mouth, and nearly choke because I didn’t want to swallow it. After crying because of the pain, I rinse again, this time, black stuff, yay! It was from the drilling. But it hurt. ;_;

I have another appointment for the 27th of December, and they want me to get braces too.. my teeth are in so much pain right now. lolol. But other than that, not a lot happened. My computer DIED last night, and it kept shutting down over and over again. Mister Kain-chama helped me fix it, but I was really bothersome, since it took us forever. I gave up after he had to sleep, but I think it was working, just very slowly.

And today was just another weekend that just gave me a hard time.. like always… *Sighs*

2 responses to “// painfully painful sunday ;;

  1. Dist December 13, 2009 at 8:53 pm

    I’m really sorry..

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