// 14th, monday ;;

This is the last Monday we’ll have in school this year. This week is just flying by. Kind of.

I had a strange dream last night, and it felt real. But dreams are dreams. After I got up, I went to school without a single appetite for breakfast. Science was the same as always, except I was just kind of quiet today. Same with Geometry. In French, people were just being so annoying and got the teacher so mad. I just finished my work and worked on other homework because she said it was fine. I would just mind my own business.

I left my gym clothes at home, but I still managed to play basketball well. Some student came up to me and asked if I was depressed though. o_o It was so weird, lol. But no, I wasn’t depressed, just kind of sidetracked by my thoughts and just being quiet. That’s not depression, is it? o_o

Well, lunch was the same, I just didn’t have any appetite. I was talking to my friends about our project to keep my mind away from my thoughts. And in social studies, we just called the school we were planning to help. English was same-same. The bus ride, my heart just kept getting heavy and it was really upsetting. I sang Toki wo Kizamu Uta to pass the time (ironic, huh?)* and I’m just a little tired now.

I might blog later, maybe not. Ja ne~

* = Very roughly, toki wo kizamu uta means “A song passing the time”, or “A song ticking away time”.


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