// frustration ;;

Today’s not the best day…

I tested in science, that was alright. Geometry was fine too. So was French. P.E. was so-so. Social studies was okay. English was too. But the bus driver said that all 8th graders were bad and said trashy stuff to us, and I had not even done anything. I was so frustrated, but I wasn’t going to say anything because I knew that I had not done anything. The other 8th graders, however, kinda.. spoke back. I just wanted to get home.

Unfortunately, when I got home, I was eating rice and my chest starts tightening up and my heart feels heavy. My breaths grow short and quick. I have so much trouble breathing that I’m in absolute tears. I try to reach for my water and sip to see if it would calm down, but it only got worse. I felt like I couldn’t yell out for help, so I could only sit there in intensifying pain. Eventually, I got better, but I was so scared… I didn’t know what was happening…

Not a lot else has happened today. But my sister wanted a song to sleep to, so I shuffle and “Place of Period” plays. I start singing and I break into excessive tears. The song’s melody just makes me cry in sadness and the words have a deep meaning. My voice breaks in mid-song and I just try to hold myself together. I’ve had a tough day and I don’t want to go to bed in tears…


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