// angered ;;

I’m not very happy, so to speak.

Today at church, my cousin was there. He and I were laughing and stuff, and my mommy asked him if he was coming home today. He lives in Seattle with his grandparents. (His parents are divorced). He asks his grandmother and she says no. He gets all sad too…

He was supposedly not allowed to come home because he was sick. But he didn’t look sick at all. If my grandma wasn’t so kind, then we would have gone out to court to straighten things out. Obviously, his grandparents in Seattle don’t make enough money to take care of him, yet they still insist on keeping him when they can’t. He goes to school down there, but nobody speaks enough English to actually help him with schoolwork or homework.

My aunt and uncle make 56k a year, and are able to help him with work, plus he even told us he was a lot happier here because he doesn’t like playing with anyone in Seattle, and his grandparents don’t let him do anything… It is like a puppy trapped in a cage… It’s not fair.

When he does come home, his grandfather says “Don’t let him near his mother”. What? He’s afraid she’ll spoil him. The reason we buy him things is because we barely see him and it’s unfair that he can’t do anything but sit in a corner all day long either playing what he has or what games I lend him for his NDS.. My aunt isn’t close to spoiling him, she only buys him things on occasion, but she does take great care of him.

In the meanwhile, I got more milk tea today. I’m almost done with Fire Emblem, but several things have been on my mind today… I received an IM last night while I was asleep. It’s just been on my mind.. It’s a.. disadvantage though.. I don’t know.

But I’ve just been unable to concentrate too well. I’ve been feeling quite dizzy and my tummy hurts too.. I’m not feeling great.. I have a bit of trouble breathing as usual. I should likely head to sleep..


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