// not christmas ;;

It.. just doesn’t feel like Christmas.

I couldn’t sleep at all last night. That was an extreme pain during church too. Anyway, after that, we went grocery shopping and then to a restaurant to eat. I was with my grandma and she had given me $50 as my Christmas present from her. Then we drove to another store and bought a few more things and headed home. I helped my mommy out a little bit before my aunt and uncle arrive. My aunt is blood-related, uncle is related by marriage.

I receive two gifts from them, one, I knew was manga. But I thought that was all I would be getting… I rip open the other one, and it’s a bag! lol, no. There was an extremely cute, tan-ish jacket with a hood that was detachable, and the rim of the hood was soft and cute~ Anyway, as I’m trying it on, my auntie giggles and says it’s really cute. My aunt says, “Now, you should put away the other ja— Nah, just give it to me.”

I whine and then pull out everything that was in the pockets I loved. Candy, candy, earphones, keys, candy, gum. .-. She takes it and leaves me with the new jacket, which I realized didn’t have the price tag pulled off… $99. Lovely.

Anyway, after that, we went to the movies (mommy, sister and I) and watched Alvin and the Chipmunks the Squeakquel. I cried. Don’t judge me. I cry in most any movie I watch. .-.

After that, we went home, got online for an hour or so and my parents want to take us out to a restaurant. We went, it was fun! But not as I wanted it to be. But nevertheless, we never spend time together, so it was nice. Since… we never eat dinner together either. I thought it was pretty heartwarming to know that we could spend some time together. ^^

I had fun. Not the holidays I’d expect, but as long as you’re spending time with close ones, that’s all you really need, right? My blood-related uncle said he had presents for us too, but he’s probably dropping them off on daddy’s birthday, since they’re gonna have a small party. (January 1st.)

I want to spend the $50 on games. ;-; I’ll wait until Sunday.


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