// almost over ;;

I, for one, am really sad that the break is half-over. I’ve been getting rest, and getting tired so early, lolol. But on a small point, I do miss school. I kinda want to get it over with at this point, it really drags my health down… Well, four and a half years left! And then I’m free to decide to go to college at some point.

Anyway, we went to church around 11am, and it ended around 1pm, omg. ;_; Well, then I had a dentist appointment and I never did realize that I had to get fillings. Well, surprise! The numb shot wasn’t bad, but the dentist kept jabbing at my gums with her pointy stick. .-.

Overall, it was a lot less painful than I’d expect. Except the drilling, lol. If you have cavities, it does hurt a lot. ;_; Well, then we went home from Seattle to go buy games! I bought Disgaea DS and Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow. I don’t like Disgaea’s battle-system, I would have preferred to be a little more free because I expected it to be like Summon Night, where you can basically roam as you please.

Anyway, we get home and I’m sitting and eating pizza, playing Castlevania while my mommy and daddy go out to buy a new TV. They come back in happiness, two weeks until it arrives. They bought a 46″ Sony TV for ~$1,100. :D I bet it’s really pretty~

My tooth later hurts, though the numbness wore off many hours ago. o_o It was quite strange, maybe just a late reaction… Um, anyway, I’m a little tired, but not a lot has happened today. ^^


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