// smoke & fire ;;

Well, there was quite a bit of smoke and it almost caused a fire. Ugh, I can still smell it and my breathing is getting hard…

I basically slept for a long while and then played a little bit of Castlevania. I get online around 4:30pm, and I later smelled smoke… I figured my grandma was downstairs and I didn’t mind it. She comes up and all of a sudden, there’s all this smoke blowing into the room. I have much trouble breathing as it is and I suppose smoke makes it worse. .-.

Well, not much else happened, there wasn’t a fire, thankfully. But I’m so tired. I might not be online because my uncle’s laptop is broken, but I also have my DSi. So hopefully, if I’m not busy gaming on my DSi. ^^ Otherwise, it’s been alright, and I have to remind myself to finish the last icon for the entries.


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