// umineko challenges ;;


But anyway. Under the cut here (more) is the prizes to the challenges on the PS3 Umineko website. Enjoy~

It seems like they’re weekly challenges until it releases, I assume. So I guess it’ll be updated weekly.

Click on the images to enlarge.

———- Prize 1 (iPhone Wallpaper)
To accomplish this challenge, click where the butterfly is located, which should be a white pawn. Then hit the button that says “チェックメイト!”, or “Checkmate!” If you did this correctly, you should end up with the prize. Or if you did it incorrectly

———- Prize 2 (iPhone wallpaper)
You have to find four mistakes in this picture. In which case, click on Kinzo’s headband, Rosa’s pirate hat, Krauss’ missing button, and Battler’s missing one-winged eagle. And like posted above: Hit the button that says “チェックメイト!”, or “Checkmate!”

———- Prize 3
Click on the black knight towards the top of the chessboard. Easy, right?

———- Prize 4a Prize 4b
The prizes are Goat-kun wallpapers and a Higurashi/Umineko wallpaper respectively. I uploaded the largest size, 1600×1200. Resize to your own need, or finish the challenge to get the other size choices.

All you have to do is answer the questions following each picture. The order of the answers is: 1, 3, 3, 1, 2, 2, 1, 3, 2. Question 1 through Question 9. Have fun! This one is slightly tricky.

———- Battler, Jessica, George, Maria, Beatrice, Kanon, Shannon, Kinzo, Goat-kun

Yay, headshots of the characters! Beatrice is complaining, is the title of this challenge. So assuming it’s not about the chessboard this time, click on her bangs which aren’t neat like they usually are. (Witches expect us to notice these things.) She’ll be blushing and happy that you noticed and huzzah.

———- Beatrice, Battler, Maria, Sakutaro

So looking around, where could Sakutaro be? Press the letter [S] on your keyboard and he’ll pop up and wave at you! Hihi, Sakutaro!

———- Prize 7

Ahh, Beatrice! You and your menus! They’re actually normal foods too. So just select the choices that include パフェ (parfait) and フォンダン (fondant). She’ll be happy, yay!

———- Prize 8

This is probably the most simple one. Even if you tried to select any of the three, you’d get the same troll face and laugh. So simply, don’t choose any of them. Wait about 5 minutes and it will redirect you to the prize! Which is mysteriously… abnormal.

———- N/A

This one is a little longer. First, click on the mirror until it cracks and lights up, flipping the room backwards. Then click on the fourth (4) box, and you’ll have finished that first part, and the stage name will change to “Dead or Alive” at the top. Just click the fourth (4) box again and you’ll have won…. But it’s not really a “prize”, per se. :D

———- N/A
Unless you’re lazy, go watch the MAD that’s posted on Battler’s “blue truth” page, or this link here. At the last few seconds, a cute face shows up, and of course, that saves you more time than to click every single one of them until you win.. :3 Not really a prize here. You’re just able to get to the Golden Land now. YEEEEES!! *Cackles*

———- Email from one of the following ten characters:
ZQN [Queen], Kinzo Ushiromiya [King], Battler Ushiromiya [Knight], Bernkastel [Rook], Ange Ushiromiya [Bishop], Maria Ushiromiya [Bad End], Ronove [Pawn], Goat-kun [Pawn], Sakutarou [Pawn], Siestas [Pawn]

Not much to say here. Just select the same as above and then watch the doors open. Enter your email, watch the rest of the animation and then you should receive an email from one of those following characters that I’ve listed above. These are basically message bottles from Rokkenjima saying their own things. (Except for Goat-kun)

And that’s the end, folks!


3 responses to “// umineko challenges ;;

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  2. PineappleFiesta November 25, 2011 at 5:42 pm

    um… and how do you get to the tenth question? I stays unpressable even though I already answered all the questions in the same day.

  3. PineappleFiesta November 25, 2011 at 5:32 pm

    For the speed question, you forgot to include the last answer, which is 3.

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