// unhealthy & breathing ;;

Today was a nice, yet bad day…

Mm, school was same-same.

Science; starting a big project, 64 points.
Geometry; same-same.
French; project, 100 points.
P.E.; line-dancing.
Social Studies; law firm competition, our firm is “Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney”. sang “Dango Daikazoku”.
English; paradox poems

Meanwhile, I’m on the bus doing geometry homework. Suddenly, I have this nauseating feeling inside my stomach and my breathing just comes to a halt.. I breathe deeply, it basically sounds like a sigh. My friend is beside me and thought of it as a joke, so she sighed too.

Well, I get off the bus and I’m literally breathing deeply, trying to inhale natural air. I’m not sure what it was that made me feel that way on the bus. Anyway, on my way home, and hug grandma, rushing upstairs to not worry others.

I’m sitting in my computer chair, staring at the ceiling. Breathe in, breathe out, slowly.. deeply.. And I’m to the point of passing out. So trying to prevent that, I quickly grab homework to occupy me while I’m trying to balance out the structure of my lungs and my breathing patterns.

I am doing better now, but I feel a rise in temperature for my body, and my sister said I was extremely warm… I hope I’m not getting a fever. Well, I still have to try and inhale air very often, my lungs feel kind of cramped, kind of like chest pain when I breathe.

It is potentially asthma, since my sister developed it and had an attack when she was younger. During the summer, I had trouble breathing and mommy asked about it, but they said there was nothing wrong. She was really worried because she didn’t want me to develop asthma and have the same attack my sister did…

But the reason I don’t want to go to a doctor now is that I don’t want to make my mommy go through the same sorrow she did when worrying about my little sister. I would feel guilt if I ever developed an attack… For being bothersome to everyone.. It wouldn’t be fair..

Does anyone have any tips on breathing? Besides taking deep breathes when you can? ^^; It’d be much appreciated, thank you.


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