// unnecessary death ;;

As most may know, I’m pretty ill at this point in time. I only pray I’ll feel better, but nevertheless, I worry.

School has been stressful… I have a science project due Tuesday, I REALLY need to raise my C this quarter (B for semester) in Geometry, I don’t need to worry about French the last seven days anymore… I don’t need to worry about P.E., unless I’m *really, really* sick… Social Studies is alright, and I have an assignment due Wednesday in English.

I stayed after school for science, I did what I could, because my group only finds the information, I have to put it together… and then I went onto the bus. I fell asleep and I nearly cried because I thought I had missed my stop… I’m so tired.. I don’t know how long I can handle all this work before my mind blows from stress.

I can’t seem to sleep at night.. it’s so strange.. I’ve been in thought. I worry. But.. I shouldn’t. My mind is just having to use so much energy, I feel so sorry for it. Haha. I barely have anytime to play keyboard anymore… I should squeeze that in soon. Time to finish up my homework…


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