// almost gone ;;

January’s blowing over, can you believe it? x_x It’s so fast…

I’ve been so busy. My grades are slipping SO badly.
Quarter Grades
Science: B+
Geometry: C (… *Sighs*)
French: B+ (Should be changed soon)
P.E.: A (Thank goodness.)
Social Studies: A
English: A

Semester Grades
Science: A-
Geometry: B-
French: A
P.E.: A
Social Studies: A-
English: A

My life is going to die with my Geometry grade. ._. I NEED to do better next semester… Anyway, I have a lot to do tomorrow.

Sleep: Whenever I feel like it
Wake Up: 10am
Leave: Sometime before 11am
Buffet: 11:30am
Movies: 2pm
Mall Wandering: 3:30pm
Going To Friend’s House: 4:30ishpm
And then I’ll get home at like, 7. ;_; I’ll miss Razor.

I’m tired as it is. My breathing is getting weaker and weaker, especially after running the mile. I don’t like it… I was coughing and wheezing earlier. My body is just.. I don’t know…


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