// deathly feelings ;;

I feel so bad…

Well, I guess my classes were alright. This morning, I stopped by my geometry teacher’s class to talk to him, we talked about video games. :D Apparently he has bad memories of DDR. ;_;

Science was alright, we did a presentation. Geometry, just did homework. French was just… boring. P.E., we’re doing a dance… Social Studies, we started research. And then English, we did questions.

After school, I went to my friend’s house and it was pretty fun. We were going to play Guitar Hero, but her 360 wouldn’t work. lol, well around 4:00, I was walking home. My legs were getting sore again, so I was seriously freaked out… Um, there were thorn bushes beside me the entire time, so I was so afraid of falling over like I did yesterday…

And later, my breathing began to get really bad… and… I don’t know anymore… I don’t know how much more I can take. It doesn’t seem like my body is getting any better.. Let’s hope it’s nothing serious…


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