// let me cry ;;

I don’t know what’s wrong with me anymore…

I don’t want to mention school.. School was okay. But… I get home and I’m alone, playing the keyboard until my cousin and grandparents arrive. I’m feeling alright, the only trouble I have is my breathing.. In.. out.. in… out…

Later, I start feeling drowsy, so I take a short 2 minute nap every three minutes. I realize my head begins to get sick, oh, the start of a (HORRIBLE) revelation.

I’m.. sick now, and I feel like I want to pass out.. I can’t handle it.. my hands start to feel numb, my throat is painfully sore, I take quicker breaths, my nose is stuffy.. my eyes are droopy, I feel a fever, and… I just feel this stress hitting me because I don’t want to get sick…

I still have so much to do.. but all this pain.. I.. I’m too tired.. but I don’t want people to worry about me.. I’m strong.. I’m really strong…

I have to stay safe…

For his sake…

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