// short ;;

I’m probably going to post shoooortly about what happened today. It’s nearly midnight…

Got up, got ready, ate cereal, got to school, got off, picked up everything and then visited my geometry teacher.

Two other kids were there, one of them told me to solve the equation on the board. “2I<6U, Solve for I."

I'm completely stumped, and so he walks up to the board and solves it. Divide both sides by 2. "I<3U". GEDDIT? omg, I was laughing. Anyway, then the bell rang and I went off to science class (next door).

We watched the Day After Tomorrow and took notes. Then I went back to geometry class, and guess what? The same problem is on the board, and my teacher even made it a warm-up problem. lawlawlawlawl.

Anyway, after all that and reviewing homework, we planned our party tomorrow for geometry class. Hahaha, it was fun. After that, I went to French where we mainly just.. were online, checking our grades. I have pretty much everything in mind about my grades and what I need to do to raise it.. I hope.

P.E., we did our dance and all, omg, I thought we messed up badly. ;_; But my P.E. teacher said, "I haven't decided the points yet, but whatever it is, you got it." I was pretty happy.

Lunch was so-so. I don't have much to say. Social Studies, we studied and such, we're doing a biiiiig project… I don't like it.

English, we went to see the play and well, it was pretty awesome, lulz. Um, school was over at 2:30 and I went to retake my geometry test. Since I got a C-, and I really, really don't want a B- for the semester…

But I feel like I did worse this time.

After that, Alison and I wandered the school halls. Then we left and such around 3:30.

I went to the party store to buy three balloons. One green one, one white one, and one that says "You're the best!" I feel like I should put a paper taped to it that says, "math teacher!", lol. Then I bought chips. I'm broke again. ;_; Because my sister wanted curly fries and I bought some for her. ;_;

Um, after that, we went home. I ate. I'm here. Tah-dah. Oh, I made a new icon.

Feel free to use… I’m too lazy to post it up yet. Enjoy.


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