// && february ;;

It’s almost February! 4 months until school ends. Already. ;_;

Umm, nothing new has happened as of lately, but I have a doctor’s appointment this Wednesday, yay. Umm… I got back into gaming mode, except I get lazy at times. Who doesn’t, right?

I’ve been feeling tired, not so much sick besides my breathing issues. The semester has ended and my grades are dropping. ;_; I’ll try harder next semester.

It’s practically February! Chocolates and flowers. <3 I wish I could buy a bouquet of roses for him… But my life has never fallen under the "normal life" category, so you know, Valentine's Day shouldn't be normal for my lover and I. <3 But I want him to know that I love him deeply and truly, forevermore.

I realize that it hasn't snowed this year, though it has almost been the correct temperature for it. ;_; Oh, well. I'm pretty hungry now, so you get a short post today, those who read it, since I find lurkers on my blog. :D

Enjoy what's left of the weekend before school again!


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