// the doctor ;;

Edit (2/4/10): Just a quick update… I’m.. not doing much better. The pressure in my chest hurts and the air just refuses to come out.. I have to take deep shallow breaths that make me sound like I’m sighing..
I can’t breathe normally because not enough air is coming in anymore… It hurts…

If you know me, then you know I rarely go to the doctor. Even if I’m dying, I will refuse. >->

Well, I did go to the doctor today. He checked my weight, and made a comment about it. D= He was amazed I was under 100lbs, blah, blah. ;_; And then we took x-rays, he asked me questions, checked my heart rate, such. Um, I guess my chest and my hips have a problem with my breathing flow, so I have trouble letting in air as well as letting out, which lead to asthma, which I also found out was what I had.

Science was okay, we got to take out our phones and text, the teacher LET us, lol…

Before school started though, I asked for help on geometry homework, and my teacher was shocked I didn’t memorize the formulas. I guess I’m formula girl now, he says, “You always read ahead in the book, but you can’t memorize these?! You’re formula girl!” Well, a kid named Niko walked in and I challenged him.. He knew the formulas. D: Well, I learned them too, and recited them when the teacher called on me. He said…

“Good job, nobody can take away your formula skills.”
“Haha, except Niko.”
“Not even Niko.”

I guess I was happy I learned several formulas. I like my math teacher. :D

P.E. was okay. Trouble breathing, and lost hearing in my right ear for a while…

Um, during counseling assistant, I cut these counseling hall passes for people, and delivered about 5 slips today. One to my science teacher. Haha, she was having lunch with two other teachers, and we made jokes at each other. And then she talks to the teachers about me. ;_; I have the tendency to bow to the other teachers when I hand them the slips. ^^;

Um, lunch wasn't anything new. Neither was the rest of the day, besides English, where we rehearsed our scene. I don't have a large role, so I volunteered to buy the cake that was included in the scene. I custom-ordered it after doctor's, so that I could have the text that was originally on the cake in the play.

Same old day. ^^;


3 responses to “// the doctor ;;

  1. Angelique February 10, 2010 at 2:09 pm

    Your asthma symptoms are similar to mine. I know that they vary from person to person. I’m going to follow your blog.

    • Hikari-chan February 11, 2010 at 6:51 pm

      Aw, thank you for following my blog, I appreciate it. Even though I’m quite the ranter.

      Asthma kind of just got to me, and my energy depletes so easily. But I also feel bad for other people who have bad sicknesses also… I wish people were able to be treated faster… It’s painful to know that people have some kind of sickness..

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