// huff & puff ;;

GRAPHICS UPDATE: 30 Bases. They are 150×150, so my apologies. Resizing them to 100×100 should be easy though. I will add 100×100 bases soon, thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

Actually, I couldn’t sleep until 4am last night. And well, I had a slight asthma attack last night… I was sleeping and I just lost my breathing for a slight moment and I kind of woke up in panic… I.. don’t like this…

Today was a weird schedule, but oh well. Before school, I visited my geometry teacher for some homework help. ^^

During science, we completely talked about spiders and frogs the entire time. People think I’m weird for thinking that spiders were cuter and I hated frogs. ;_; It is the frogs that are weird… Anyway, we didn’t do any work, lol. I don’t think she planned any work.

Geometry, we took a quiz for 7.1 ~ 7.4. We are doing tangents next. <3 Geometry isn't my strong point, but… I have fair knowledge about trigonometry, so maybe sine, cosine and tangent won't be so hard… He didn't have the homework, so I couldn't do it ahead of time. /sigh.

P.E., meh, we just did shooting hoops the whole time. I used my inhaler once though…

Social Studies, we just did typing. I finished the rest at home. I just need to print it.

Counseling Assistant, if you didn't know, my elective is now helping out at the counseling office. I deliver papers, do copies and such. ^^ I had to deliver one to a P.E. class that was on the field doing the mile… I ran up there, since it is a long way and it would take forever if I just walked… But it was a bad mistake. I had an intense pain in my chest and I didn't have my inhaler with me… Sigh…

Lunch was same-old…

English, meh. We just practiced the scene we're supposed to do, I memorized my lines..

It's been an okay day… I miss him though.


2 responses to “// huff & puff ;;

  1. Angelique February 7, 2010 at 8:04 pm

    I do this same thing you said “I was sleeping and I just lost my breathing for a slight moment and I kind of woke up in panic… ” Scary! I can relate.

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