// worse ;;

I didn’t like school today. Not the work or anything… my health.

I woke up to a sore right shoulder and the dizziness of getting up. I stumbled towards the bathroom and fell when I got in there. My head was hurting and I couldn’t stand it… I managed to get myself up, I had to go to school. ^^;

I got ready, but every time I lift my head, it has this aching feeling. The other thing was my throat was extremely sore and I couldn’t speak. Coughing would hurt, and then I’d have to take an extra breath to get the right amount of air… Like a dramatic sigh.

Anyway, I get to school and I don’t feel like doing anything. But I urge myself on… I’m sitting in a spot and laying down. Science felt like it went on forever, but we didn’t have homework at least…

Geometry was okay, I sat there doing my work and I talked to a friend. We helped each other and such.

P.E. felt like I was going to die. I wanted to use my inhaler at this point, my breath was to the point of fading away and I felt light-headed.

I was in counseling office assistant and I delivered papers, trying *so* hard not to push myself. I had to walk back and forth from the entrance of school to the very other side. So I tried and tried to make it as easy on me as possible… At lunch, I manage to use my inhaler and it doesn’t help as I’m still coughing…

My throat is hoarse and I have much trouble focusing.. I’m laying my head on the table… Waiting, dreading for the day to be over. Social studies, I’m trying to stay awake. Just *trying*. And in English, I’m just waiting for the clock to tick down. On the bus, I try to rest, drink water, cough…

I take a shower as soon as I get home and it did help my sore throat.. The warm, moist air makes my throat feel much better. My body just hates the cold… But I still love winter…

My head still aches and my breathing still occurs as well as coughing, but at least my throat is no longer sore… This week just feels so long… But I’ll rest.. soon…


2 responses to “// worse ;;

  1. Angelique February 9, 2010 at 11:22 am

    It’s so painful to read. I can relate.Hope you feel better soon.

    • Hikari-chan February 11, 2010 at 6:50 pm

      I’m sorry. It is painful, and I’m so sorry that you can relate… It must be bad for you also. Thank you for your comforting words though. I just always have this feeling that gets worse, so I’m only hoping everything will be okay.

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