// school & valentine ;;

I think school + sick = ;_;

School can be a drag, but on top of that, I’m sick, I have trouble breathing and I just don’t know how to focus properly. I bought some candy for my friends since it’s “technically” Valentine’s Day, since we don’t have school until Wednesday.

My geometry teacher talked to me about my retake and well… I did worse than I did the first time. But I guess he was sympathetic and decided to give me a third chance… I’m so grateful, because his wife told me he rarely ever offers another chance. I was so happy. I’m going to work hard.

The rest of the day was pretty boring, but I was asked by my friend if I had a valentine… I told them I did, but I guess I didn’t even ask my boyfriend if he would be my valentine yet, haha. <3 I have a hard time asking him, ehehe.. I wonder if I could call him and ask him…

Anyway… I was happy after our conversation last night, because he accepts me for me and whether I'm sick or not.. I've been sick for way too long and I just wish that I would still be treated the same. I will be okay though.

But I just keep coughing and coughing at night and I cry from that pain. I keep throwing up too… I do hope everything gets better. I might not post for a while, I'll probably get something up soon though.

Have a great weekend. <3


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