// uneventful? ;;

In all honesty, I think.. this title is a lie. There have been eventful things, but they aren’t good things…

For one, I finished MY half of the science project, but apparently my partner did not finish their half. So I had to stay after school to get that finished…

We played bingo in Geometry since we only had 6 students. The band/orchestra/choir kids were gone.

We ran the mile in P.E. I dread the mile, and now, with illness, I dread it even more. It’s just horrendous.

Nothing happened in 4th period, honestly.

We basically read out of the textbook for social studies.

Did reading in English.

I discovered after school that I have to sing in (Japanese? I didn’t get specifics yet) FRONT OF THE SCHOOL. ;_; That will make it the second event I have to sing… … The other being singing in front of everyone in the district. It seems I don’t get a say in this. I hope I get better before either of these events…

I also have to finish a HUGE project by April. We take state tests in May. I have to get my high school registration in by March. Singing occurs in May and June, I believe. These dates will come sooner than expected…


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