// march ;;

Hey! I haven’t posted in a while, I am sorry, dear blog. D:

Lately, my health has been decreasing slowly, and I have had more pain while sleeping. During the day, I am full of smiles.. however, I feel that daily, these smiles are also decreasing… I am trying to be optimistic, but the pain is increasing and it is no longer amusing.

During the night, I wake up and wheeze, or I cough and inhale for air. I run tears down my face while I rest and it’s awful. But I still get up and prepare myself for the day. One of my medicines has been on low and well, my doctor’s appointment does not approach until the 10th of March.

I was sleeping during church today, and when my sister woke me up, I felt this shocking pain in my chest. It was so painful… I wanted to go back to sleep, close my eyes, don’t cry… Please don’t cry.

During the day, I was trying to hold my pain in as we enjoyed the day. We spent the time grocery shopping, eating, then wandering to a clothing place for a while. I was feeling so tired afterward…

When we got home, I rested and played a little bit of Tales of the Abyss and then got myself onto the forums. I edited AE and then I also moderated LSS. I have been thinking about sending in a resignation to Laturi soon. I will keep it in consideration…

Meanwhile, Mister Kain has not been on lately due to his internet connection. D: Umm, I have a bad grade in two of my classes as of lately… but the quarter does not end until April… So I will keep trying. I need sleep… but..

Edit: Oh yeah, we took picture of sakura trees today. I’ll see if I can upload them one day. :D

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