// march 2nd ;;


Umm, I fell asleep around.. midnight-ish? I’m pretty sure it was a little bit earlier. I woke up a little late and rushed to get ready because I wanted to stop by the store before school.

I ran in and bought candy, and also got mommy a cup of coffee. I wonder if Starbucks thinks I’m weird because I buy coffee. I hope they know I’m not a coffee-drinker. Bleck D:

Um, anyway, I get to school and I work on my midterm stuff for science…

There were 7 people in geometry class today, so we were talking while working. As class ends, I told my teacher to have a nice day and one of my classmates in front of me turns around. She says, “You’re so cute!” … *Grumbles*

Anyway, in P.E. we played … live-pingpong? Uh, I don’t know what to call it. It’s ping-pong on a large field. It was alright.

Afterward, I went to counseling office and helped out. It stinks when a P.E. class is running the mile because then you have to get all the way up to the track field. Anyway… one of the P.E. teachers told me nobody has “claimed” it yet, so I can ask her about it next week.

What it is… is a five-dollar bill I found in my P.E locker. It wasn’t mine, so I turned it in. I figured it was the right thing to do. ^^;

Lunch was so-so, besides the fact that I’m outnumbered because everyone wants me to sing for multi-cultural night.

Um, social studies was fun. I passed out candy and stuff for everyone, even though the other side was our rivals. lololol. It was a nice rally.

English was pretty boring, but I finished my work early. Yay.

At anime club, we were deciding what to do. I decided to sing for fun, since it WAS anime club after all. Apparently, I’m supposed to sing now. I don’t wanna sing. ;_; SOMEONE HELP ME


2 responses to “// march 2nd ;;

  1. Asa March 2, 2010 at 9:46 pm

    Haha, sounds like you had a very fun day pooky :3
    And when people call you cute, YOU NEED TO AGREE WITH THEM!
    Its the truth, your cute and moe. Dist-chan agrees im sure.
    I wasn’t on the forum today, but ill take time to at least post on here for u Hikana-chan :3

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