// slowly ;;

I’ve been feeling tired today, it’s really bleh.

I had the usual wake up, brush teeth, cough to death and stuff. Lately when I’m in the car, after I finish eating cereal (because I eat breakfast in the car), I always seem to start thinking… but then I snap out of it and forget what it was. Then it makes me feel kind of sad. Which makes me think, “I guess that’s what it was again.” even though I’m not sure if that’s what it really was.


When I got to school, I had about 10 minutes left, so I visited my geometry teacher and decided to read ahead. It was his planning period, so nobody is in there. It was pretty quiet.

Today in science, there was a substitute teacher and we basically watched a movie and took notes. I coughed after the movie and she said I should be taking care of myself… I suppose so…

In geometry today, we were assigned a bit more homework and such, and I had to correct two papers at once which confused me utterly.

In P.E., we played a game, and then ran four building loops and as usual…. I don’t even feel like getting into it anymore. I even forgot my inhaler today. Ugh.

In counseling office, I didn’t pass out many papers, though I did help those registering for high school because I’ve read the guide too many times already. Haha, I also sat next to the band teacher who was sorting out papers and I guess I overheard them talking about multi-cultural night.

Meanwhile, at lunch, it was same-same, though my friend let me borrow her calculator for homework and it was so adorable~ <3

In social studies, we had a geography test, and my goodness, I only knew ~35 states' locations. ;__; ALABAMA, ALASKA, ARIZONA, ARKANSAS. CALIFORNIA, COLORADO AND CONNECTICUT AND MORE. DELAWARE, FLORIDA, GEORGIA, HAWAII, IDAHO, ILLINOIS, INDIANA AND I-O-WA. KANSAS AND KENTUCKY, LOUISIANA, MAINE— That's all I know from the song. I mean, I know all the states, just not where they're located. Especially that northeast. We got our CBA (Classroom Based Assessment) and I got an A-~ I was pretty happy. ^^ I'm never good at expressing my ideas through writing or typing, so I was glad I did better than I thought I would (C).

In English, we talked about usage of computer. I spend a little more than my friend does (8 to 9 hours on school days), though she never gets her homework done, which makes me question why she's on the computer so much. *Sighs*

As for the rest of the day, it's consisted of me learning a song that has very little pauses, but eeeeeh. D:

One response to “// slowly ;;

  1. Asa March 5, 2010 at 7:12 am

    Sowwy for not replying yesterday or before, pooky :3

    And me understands what you mean when you cant remember something / begin thinking, then lose track of your thoughts D:

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