// sorrryyy ;;

Bah, I have to get into the habit of blogging! So here goes!

I had trouble sleeping last night. However, that was my own fault… This morning, I didn’t want to get up. I was feeling bad, not health-wise, either.

Anyway, science, science. I got a A-, B, A on my midterm, respectively. Haha, I guess it’s nothing to complain about. We learned about “rotation” today and the teacher played THE worst song for that. D: Darn music these days. >->

In geometry, we had a quiz, whee. I panicked, but it wasn’t that bad, really. (Watch me fail though, lol)

In P.E., we played human ping-pong! Whoo! >->;

In social studies, we did reading and comparing and such. I was kinda tired.

And in English, I finished up my book and I guess I finished my questions and stuff too.

Baah, it was a boring day~ But I still feel kind of “bad”… Sorry..


4 responses to “// sorrryyy ;;

  1. Asa March 9, 2010 at 3:35 pm

    You needs to stop feeling so “bad” Pokana-chan~
    And me agrees about music these days, its all rap now D:

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