// falling apart ;;

I really, really don’t like the fact that I’m not feeling well for so long…

This morning was probably the worst morning I’ve ever had… It was terrible, haha. I won’t get into detail on that though…

In science, we spun in circles to get used to the definition of rotation and revolve and such, haha. Then we divided girls into boys to figure out how to explain it the most clearly. Girls won~ <3

In geometry, we moved seats and I sit next to the loud heater. Haha, but I don't mind. I was talking to a friend about FFXIII. She had a Lightning icon on her Gmail. <3

In P.E., we did volleyball. It was quite scary. I have very bad reflexes, mind you. D:

In social studies, it was pretty silent most of the time, besides when we shouted happy birthday to one of our classmates.

English class was same-same. ^^;

In anime club, I brought my external, so we listened to music and browsed through images. Only one of the members has watched CLANNAD and After Story, so I showed them screenshots… heh, it was the sad ones, if you know. :D

Otherwise, I have been really tired and my left arm seems to be losing feeling in it. Kind of odd.


One response to “// falling apart ;;

  1. Asa March 10, 2010 at 7:07 am

    Don’t worry pooky, im sure you will get better…or at least me sure hopes so D:
    And your so lucky in your school to have an anime club, my school doesn’t allow it ; ~ ;
    So im thinking of doing what Genshiken did, call it “The Social Society of Modern japanese Visual Media” aka Anime Club xD

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