// weeekend ;;

I’m really glad, haha. ^^

In science, we did “phases of the moon”. Astronomy is really interesting… I wish I knew more constellations though.

In geometry, we took a quiz with ~40 problems, I think? It was so long and I dread the fact that I might fail it. Ugh…

In P.E. we ran the Pacer! Yay! (/sarcasm) I ran 20 laps, and started coughing. 30 laps, I couldn’t breathe and eventually stopped. It was a horrible moment but at least I managed to catch my breath after.

In social studies, we began to take a geography quiz (did I ever mention I was horrible at geography? If not, I’ll say it now. AGH, I STINK AT GEOGRAPHY >_<) so I did the extra credit problems and hopefully I didn't completely bomb that too.

In English, we wrote test questions and stuff.

I watched four episodes of Ookami Kakushi and it's very.. insane in ways. x_x Um, I've been feeling tired.. and.. there was pain today, but soon…


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