// back again ;;

So the weekend’s over already, and as usual, disappointing.

Throughout the weekend, I spent my time keeping to myself and that resulted in an argument. I’m currently disappointed in myself and have been trying to stay quiet. *Sighs*

In the meanwhile, I watched a bit of anime this weekend: 10 episodes of Ookami Kakushi and 5 episodes of Hayate no Gotoku!! Second Season.

I also practiced keyboard a bit, and spent my time drawing for White Day (although I know this is the converse of the actual custom).

I also tried to think about a birthday present for my best friend Usagi-chan, whose 14th year happens to be approaching fast for her! <3

The convention I'm heading to also rapidly approaches, so I'm waiting for that too (if I don't spend all my convention money…)

I've been feeling quiet tired lately, and walking around for too long doesn't help either. Sitting makes me feel weak and nothing seems to please my health as of now. Distracting myself seems to suffice, like when I am singing or drawing or graphic designing. But singing, my favorite pasttime, doesn't work out because I have a hard time breathing… so you know, it does stink. But I guess I have to live with it for now.


2 responses to “// back again ;;

  1. Asa March 15, 2010 at 3:05 pm

    Dist told me you two had an argument, sorry to be nosy..
    Try to look at the weekend being over as a “Fresh new start” like me does :3
    Also, you should finish up Hayate no Gotoku, its very good :3c

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