// aha ;;

Quick title, quick post. (Since I got in trouble for being up late)

I talked to my teacher (math) this morning about his whole bracket for March madness. Not looking well for him. D: We also talked about our weekends and stuff. It’s fun talking to a teacher about stuff other than schoolwork.

I had trouble breathing during 2nd period, which is much earlier than usual. It was painful and I got teary-eyed by it too. I’m not quite sure what to do now, besides hold it all in and try to get better.

Today was boring, besides a lovely debate that we had on MSN. Heh, classified information, but we did trail off for a while. Hmm. I have been spacing out a lot. I guess my own little dreamworld wants its attention again. Maybe I’ll follow it now and head to sleep. This is probably the shortest post ever.

I’ll post a Tsukihime image to make up for it. Comment if you want the full version, I guess.

One response to “// aha ;;

  1. Biribiri March 23, 2010 at 4:45 pm

    Pooky had trouble breathing?! D:
    you needs to watch your health :3

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