// simple, old day ;;

I’m bad at these entry starters. So let’s skip ahead to “read more”.

Visited my math teacher for some help before school.

Science, we read an article, took notes, yay.

Geometry, we’re learning about circles. Yay!

P.E., we played basketball. Let’s just say I’m not good at it. Boo.

Fourth period, I did my homework most of the time, haha.

Social studies, we watched a documentary called ‘The Shadow of Hate’, about prejudice and discrimination during World War II. It made me cry. Everyone said it was intense, but they didn’t cry. I felt bad for crying. ;_;

English, just worked on my post-reading assignment.

Anime Club, we’re doing Bad Apple!!. Here’s our plan. I’ll probably give you the first two letters of their name.

  • We have two violinists, Ni and Ma.
  • We have two pianists, Me (not me) and Ch.
  • We have a drummer, Ra.
  • We have a flute player, Da.
  • We have two people designing the Bad Apple banner, Ma and Ad.
  • We have two singers, Hikari and Ch.
  • I’ll be singing in Japanese while Ch sings in English. This’ll be fun. It’s on April 22nd! Here’s hoping we totally get this memorized!

    Also, here’s my goals for the convention I’m heading to, Sakura-Con. Though not cosplaying, unfortunately.

    My goals at Sakura-Con:
    – Find Atashi and take a picture of her cosplay!
    – Autograph of Noizi Ito
    – Take over karaoke room.
    – Buy souvenirs for Dist and Shelly.
    – Buy stuff for me!
    – Meet up with a few schoolfriends.


    2 responses to “// simple, old day ;;

    1. Whiskers March 24, 2010 at 2:55 pm

      Ah, no way! Doing Bad Apple!! should be super amazingly awesome-tastic. Love that song.

      Sakura-connnnnnnnn~~ You lucky duck. So many big names are going. You best enjoy yourself, you hear?! <3

      Oh, and don't worry about that video in SS. When we learned about The Holocaust in 8th grade, I cried when watching those videos AND when we read a book written by a Jewish man who was imprisoned the entire time, and what it was like. ;_;

      • Hikari-chan March 24, 2010 at 4:25 pm

        Haha, maybe. Or we’d be super-horrible. I wonder if we could get someone to videotape it so I could post it here on my blog.

        Yoooooshhhhhhhh. I will try my best! :D

        Awww. ;__; Yeah.. We’ve read four books about World War II, one during the Holocaust and watched a movie about World War II as well as a play. It’s a horrible thing what happened to those people…

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