// sometime thursday ;;

Yume, yume, suki deshou? <3

Happy Thursday. I think.

In science, we continued to watch that movie. It’s kind of.. intense. >-<

In geometry, we were talking about sheet music, and someone thought I said “sheep”. Then we started talking about sheeps?! It was.. amusing, to say at the least.

In P.E., we played Capture the Flag. Mm, I don’t like that game. I found out now that it really makes my legs sore, because I’m sliding all around the place. I’m not very light on my feet. ;_;

In fourth period, we were painting posters for the parent night today at the middle school. I also received a beautiful treat of gummy bunnies, which only made me cheer very loudly. <3

In social studies, it was more reading and reading. Of course, people literally chased me around the room to steal my gummy bunnies. ;___;

In English, we began working on our projects and etcetera, but um. I was playing with sand on the laptop. Virtual Sand.

I began working on an AMV/MAD for my anime club just for fun. <3 I hope to finish it before June.


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