// spring break!! ;;


This means I get to hibernate through the week and hopefully get some stuff done. (Meaning “watch, this break is going to end before you know it”.)

My goals are to get a lot done on a video I’ve started. You can find it on my YouTube. It has 37 seconds of it so far, WIP. I’ll finish it within a month, hopefully.

I also must finish a lot of anime before moving onto new ones. x_x And I need to plan out my Sakura-Con route. I don’t even know what time I have to wake up that day. >-> I have a little bit of homework to do also, and a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday. I also need to finish a service project layout and then get started on the project that I want to do with a friend of mine.

It’s a very short post, but it’s 12:30 and I can’t breathe well, which does not bode well for me. But I guess as much as I want to relax, it won’t come out well… plus my thoughts still haunt me some…


2 responses to “// spring break!! ;;

  1. Biribiri March 27, 2010 at 10:31 pm

    Awwww lucky pooky~! :<
    My spring break doesn't start till next week D:

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