// half-over ;;

Spring Break is half-over, and it hasn’t been all that swell. (Why do I keep using swell?)

Because my doctor’s appointment has been delayed to next Wednesday, I got to suffer a bit today, ironically. .-. To start off, I played very little Tales of the Abyss last night, I think it was only until 1:30am. This morning, we went to a restaurant and ate, it was quite delicious. I was extremely full and the sundae was very huge. <3

After that, we drove to drop my cousin off and later drove to a buffet because my mommy's friend wanted to meet her there. We ate a little (this was 3 hours after my previous meal) and goodness, I felt like exploding after all that food. ;_; I got a KHII poster from the store next to said buffet.

It was troublesome trying to hang it up because I was standing on my computer chair. That's dangerous though, I'm sorry. ;_; It looks kind of nice! I'm excited for Sakura-Con also, but that's still a few days away. I had a little bit more to eat later tonight and worked on my video. It's nice so far. ^^

KS made me a little bit angry again today, but I suppose it can't be helped. I just wish it wouldn't have been this week so that I could relax instead of get all wound up and frustrated. But when my teachers ask about Spring Break, I can say, "Some guy on a forum made me mad all week." That doesn't sound weird at all, nope.

Otherwise, I've been tired, and coughing all day long. My heart and lungs hurt so badly, I feel like I'm going to collapse… It still hurts to breathe and I continue to wheeze… I wonder why it has to end up so badly…


One response to “// half-over ;;

  1. Biribiri April 1, 2010 at 6:11 am

    *hugs pooky*
    Me sorry KS made you so mad…
    Be also hopes your lungs and heart start feeling better D:
    Have you been to a doctor yet? :O
    or maybe you should drink a lot of water and sleep lots
    Well wither way, me hopes you get better pooky :3

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