// happy april ;;

It’s Aprilllllllll. Cheeeers. (I don’t sound all enthusiastic, do I?)

Well, let’s just say I was overly upset yesterday. LSS was torn apart by the trolling of the members, using the excuse of April Fool’s Day to insult, tear apart and troll the forums. I was so mad. >-> Naruto Banner, Unicorn background, strange music and stupid links to some rickrolling stuff. *Sighs*

But anyway, I’ve been playing a teeny bit more Tales of the Abyss and lately, Jade has been quite the funny character in TotA. His sarcasm is hilarious, and Luke is still arrogant as always. :D Tear is <3 and Anise has been funny too. But Natalia is also rather.. rude and Guy has been same-same. I've liked playing it, and I hope I can finish it soooooon.

Hmm, I've also worked on my video today. I haven't felt like uploading it to YouTube yet though, because it's not done and secondly, it takes forever to upload. D:

Hmm, I'm looking forward to Sakura-Con tomorrow! I really wanna buy stuff, so it'll be a lot of fun, hopefully! I've been feeling a little tired too, so I guess I'll be waiting until Wednesday for my doctor's appointment. But my spring break is almost over, which makes me rather sad. ;_; (Probably because being lazy is my favorite pasttime)

But I wanted to leave a picture here! <3


One response to “// happy april ;;

  1. Biribiri April 3, 2010 at 12:51 pm

    Hope you have lots of fun at Sakura-Con Pooky~!

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