Well! I just came back from a 7 and a half trip from Sakura-Con! It was tons of fun and I’ll rant about it here from start to finish. I hope you read it!

{ waiting in line }

This morning, I woke up around 8:00am all giddy-like. :D Because I fell asleep around 2am, so I didn’t get much sleep, but I felt like I was so awake. Anyway, I get ready around 8:30 and text my uncle around 9:00. He gets ready and picks me up around 10:00, we make it there around 10:30 or so, looking for parking EVERYWHERE. I swear, it was horrible! ;___; Well, after we finally found parking, we went to the convention and the line. was. massively. long. We waited three and a half hours at the convention center. Let’s just say I was extremely grumpy and whiny during that time. ;_____;

AND A HATSUNE MIKU GAVE ME A THUMBS UP! I was playing my music aloud, and she loved it. XDD

{ eating time! }

Well, of course, to satisfy my grumpiness, we ate tacos, ahaha~ They were so yummy. It was very crowded, however. But we ate quickly and swiftly rushed ourselves upstairs to the autograph hall…

Kyaaaa~ We got in line and I realized it WAS ANOTHER LONG LINE! ;___; I complained and a man turned around to tell me that he would save our spots (uncle and I) if we had to go anywhere. I stared at him like he was crazy… but it turns out he was STAFF! :D??? I was very grateful and I raced down to the Exhibition Hall to scribble up what I want to buy. After about 20 minutes, we came back and talked to this staff man whose name was Spencer, I believe.

It took about an entire hour to get to Noizi Ito, and no flash photography was allowed. But I didn’t know… and I accidentally… Nobody noticed except the Spencer guy and he laughed at me. “What’s done is done!” I suppose, but I still felt bad… but Noizi Ito… She’s so pretty!! I’ll get the photos developed soon. ♥♥♥♥♥

{ exhibition hall }

THIS is where I went crazy. I SAW THE HIGURASHI ARTBOOK AND IT WAS $59. RAAAAAAWR. ;____; I didn’t have the money, so I moved on with my life miserably. I saw so many adorable Higurashi merchandise, but I either didn’t have the money for it, or wanted to get Umineko items instead. To my misfortune, there was none of that. There were ADORABLE Lucky Star items, but I told myself to hold back because if I had gone on that rampage… I would have many debts to pay. >->

In the end, I bought a Ritsu figurine that talks, and a Tales of the Abyss figurine.

{ artist tables }

This is where people do fanart, and my goodness, it was GORGEOUS. I bought an Umineko fanart and a Rena bookmark as well as adorable Vocaloid keychains that could be adorable bookmarks as well. (As well as a birthday present for Shelly, so I can’t say what it is!)


All in all, it was amazingly fun. And half the stuff are for Shelly or Razor. Haha, but I loved it! I’ll get the pictures developed soon… And I am wondering if I’m actually allowed to upload the autograph of Noizi Ito. But I can tell you, it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g-l-y fun.


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