// strangely ;;

It’s been a weird day, different..

As soon as I fell asleep last night, I shocked myself awake due to a bad nightmare. It happens often, but it still scares me all the time… I don’t quite understand why that happens.. I wish it didn’t.

This morning, I woke up and dragged a few things with me. I let my math teacher borrow my Sakura-Con souvenir guide to look at (lol) and went off to science. In science, we played two games which was a little weird.

In math, we continued to work on our homework, and continue to learn as usual, though I really don’t want to… Oh, well. He returned my guide inconspicuously, so it was kind of funny.

In P.E., I raced around playing basketball, but I’m pretty bad at shooting and I get tired easily. I didn’t bring my inhaler because I forgot it in my coat pocket…

In social studies, we basically worked on worksheets and same with English.

For anime club, we went into the band room (which I learned had 7 subrooms) and we climbed into Practice Room C to practice our song. Because I don’t read music, and they don’t know the lyrics, it gets confusing when they say to start on a certain note, or to start on a certain verse, LOL. ;_;

After all that fun and my voice dying, we went home.

I was given Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (Justice For All) to borrow and it’s a little hard thus far. I’m on the second part of my second Case, and I CAN say that Franziska Von Karma is.. horrible. ;_; She makes the case drag on forever.

Otherwise, it’s been a boring day…


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