// tired, tired, tired ;;

Ah! So.. Can you guess how I feel right now? Tired? Nah, not at all.

This morning, I stayed up until 1am playing Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Justice For All on the DS and then fell asleep afterwards. I woke up with the most incredibly tired feeling and struggled to stumble about until I got to the bathroom.

I got to school and visited my math teacher, whom I told about my adventures being a defense attorney, lol. And that there were prosecutors with whips. Indeed. He said it sounded all realistic until the whip part. And then he told me that he had gone to a real trial while in high school as a field trip and that it was really silent. I guess you really don’t have real defense attorneys who slam their hands on desks and point, and excessively sweat when they don’t have something, haha.

Hm, in science, we basically did this whole Jeopardy thing about learning the moon. Bleh.

In geometry, we got our quizzes back from the week before Spring break. I got a 16.5/17, so I was happy. ^^

In P.E, we had to run the mile which made me really dizzy.. I pushed myself a little too much, but managed to get 11:40 as my time.

Hm, the rest of the day was boring. I practiced singing today, and learning only my parts so that I can get my cues right. But otherwise, I took a short hour nap and was extremely tired when I got up. I played a little JFA, and watched anime shortly after. I finished one episode of Romeo x Juliet, and three episodes of Kobato.

Otherwise, I think that I’m extremely tired, despite that I have to finish off some stuff. x_x And as usual.. a little off-balance.


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