// & bad apple ;;

Well, I haven’t posted in a whileeeee.

Let’s see. Over the weekend…

On Saturday, I went to work with mommy from about 9:00 to 6:00. It was a lot of fun and I interacted with people, haha. We ate a bunch, laughed, talked and ectetera.

On Sunday, I had church and we wandered a lot. I didn’t even realize the weekend had ended so fast.

Today, in science, we began to write our lab procedures. In geometry, we had six problems for homework, but very hard, word-problems. >-> In P.E., we played lacrosse and then ran a crosscountry loop. Yaay.

In fourth period, I sat around most of the time and did origami. In fifth, we did an assignment, as well as sixth. I’m staying after school Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday to practice Bad Apple!!. But I’m very nervous, yet excited. I’ve never sang in front of a large crowd before.


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