// short on time ;;

I’m so frustrated today. ;__;

This morning, I woke up and got ready, etc. I was very tired, haha.

Um, it was an uneventful day, besides nearly crying because I’m afraid about my geometry test! I really don’t want to fail geometry… But studying doesn’t stay in my mind for long…

We ran for 12 minutes in P.E., the opposite of what I’m really supposed to do, but… I got 25 laps, so I am happy. Um, we had a lock-down at school during fourth period, which really scared me, haha. There was police activity, so we had to be careful. I guess there was someone around…

We started a paragraph assignment, and apparently the teacher looked at me because my last “paragraph” ended up being two and a half pages or so.

Hmm, the rest of the day was excessively frustrating.

One of our violinists can’t attend, because she was so mad due to the fact that her math teacher continues to give her mandatory study club so that she can’t attend practice. It’s not intentional, but I think she has the right to attend a performance. D:

Our other violinist doesn’t have much faith in our performance and doesn’t think we can pull it off… despite that she hasn’t tried to learn the song.

Our flute player still holds strands of hope, because I’m optimistic and all, but…

Our pianist cannot do the sheet music because it’s much too challenging, despite having played for six or seven years. She might be the violinist.

But… I’m trying to do all that’s in my power to make it possible to accomplish… I’m sure we can do it.


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