// only anger resides ;;

I have a great day, and I let the anger take the best of me instead. Isn’t it great?

I was up until about 1:10am playing Tales of the Abyss. I woke up this morning to play a little more before 11:30, which was when my friend was going to pick me up. I’m finally half-way through the game! Anyway, I got to my friend’s house and we ate a bit, waiting for everyone else to come.

People played on the piano, as we continued to wait. We practiced for a little while and ate tons of pizza. ^^; Two of my friends ate peppers whole, and they drank so much juice for the remainder of the time, hahaha. They were very hyper after that. I bet that pepper caused so much adrenaline afterwards.

After that little “practice” (more like a party) session was over, I came home and came online… Only to be irritated a little more. It hurts everytime I have to hold in anger, but I don’t want to be a bad moderator… Whenever I get irritated like this by members, I feel like my responses are so mean… And it makes me think about resigning. I always feel so bad…


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