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As a confession, I cried every single episode of the series. There were 24 episodes in all.

Episode 23 consisted of Kobato trying to help Fujimoto the entire day because prior to the day, he had gotten into an accident and hurt his right arm. He calls her annoying, but she tries to brush it off to no avail, yet she hides her sad feelings inside. As they get home to the apartments, she tells him that she won’t be able to spend tomorrow with him. He responds, “Good, I’m free.” As he misunderstands the situation. Her reply was, “It’s good if you’re happy, because then I am happy.” He had not expected that response.

The next day, Kobato says her goodbyes and leaves Chitose (the apartment manager), heading towards the park. It becomes dark and Fujimoto comes home, to see that Kobato’s light was turned off. He learns that she’s leaving somewhere else, and races off to find her. Eventually, he comes to the park just as soon as Ushagi was about to cast its magic, as she had not completed her part of the contract, which was to heal scarred hearts and collect konpeito (candy, as she calls it) so that her wish could be granted.

Fujimoto finds out that Kobato is “dead”, meaning that she came to this world to collect the hearts so that her wish could be granted. She had died in another world, and had four seasons to collect konpeito so that she could go to the place she wanted to be. As she is about to leave, a barrier shields around her and Fujimoto races up to try and break it.

She tells him, “You’re the person I care most about. I always have. And I always will.” Which heals his heart. She gains the last of her konpeito and her wish is granted. Meaning that either way, had she collected or not collected the konpeito, she would not have been allowed to be with Fujimoto. If she had not done it successfully, she would be a dead spirit once again. And now… She will be leaving Fujimoto. Her wish is granted and she disappears, memories of her being forgotten from everybody.


Episode 24. Fujimoto wakes up at home, noticing that Chise and Chiho (Chitose’s children) had taken out a mattress that was in an “empty” apartment… His memory starts to jog, but he doesn’t understand what it means. Later, he goes to the nursery that he used to work at, as it has now been reconstructed. Sayaka (original owner) says that she wants to open a new nursery, and that he should come on a field trip with everyone… His memory begins to jog again, but can’t put his finger on it.

It begins to rain and he takes in his clothes from outside, a konpeito dropping on his table. His memory races and he looks at the old picture that had the nursery while they were on their previous field trip. There’s an empty missing space in the picture… He begins to talk to everybody in the town that had known her, and they don’t know a thing about the person he’s talking about.

The only person that does is Kohaku, who was an Angel from the Heavens and knows everything that’s going on. She tells him that she’s being reborn into a new world, to be by the person she loves most…

Intermission comes, and four years later, Fujimoto has become a lawyer as he’s always dreamed of becoming. He’s asked to inspect a home as the will of a person stated that the home would go to his granddaughter. He takes a train ride and inspects it, noticing a piano that was there. He begins to play a melody and after he’s finished, hears a familiar voice.

It’s the granddaughter, awfully similar to Kobato. However, she does not know Fujimoto. She says that the melody he was playing was similar to one she heard before. He says, “It was a song that an old love used to sing.”

She requests that he plays it again, but before he does, he hands her the konpeito he found. As she’s singing, the cherry blossoms begin to blow intensely, and she starts to cry. The contract is broken and she finally remembers him.

“I’m back!!” Kobato calls out and holds onto him tightly. He’s smiling, and the ending shows how everyone has progressed over the four years.

I relate closely to Kobato… But I’m not dead, haha. However… The reason I cried in every episode was because I could understand her feelings. She had held in a lot of pain over the time she had with everybody, and despite her smiles and happiness, there were many times where she broke down and cried… and I cried with her. In the end, she was able to be with him, after suffering and suffering…


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