// what is happening? ;;

For the most part.. today was.. average.

I performed, leaving my jacket on the table outside the stage of the gymnasium. It was an okay performance, I thought. But I guess not… Throughout the day, I got all these compliments, and it was really, really embarrassing… I’m not much of a compliment-receiving person… But I was very glad that people enjoyed my singing, and our overall performance. It made me feel less nervous about being on stage. But then again, I didn’t really make any eye contact! So I must have looked extremely strange.

Plus, our theme was black and white… but I was the only one wearing white. So you know, that doesn’t quite balance. ;_; But I spent the day receiving embarrassing comments and gratefully thanking people for them.

I picked up my jacket and brought it to the track field, where I ran the mile vigorously… and forgot to grab my jacket by the end of it.. Agh. I figured that out after the period ended, but I had no chance to go grab it. As far as I know, my friend couldn’t find it, so I really hope it’s not on the track field.

It’s starting to rain and I’m afraid my phone will get damaged by the rain… Plus I had my wallet with my student ID and ~$20, along with my house keys that contained keychains, and some rock candy (…^^’)

I’m praying that someone picked it up and it’s still okay… But anyway, I started listening to “Goodbye Yesterday” by Mizrock. It makes me want to cry! If you want to take a peek at the English/Romaji lyrics: http://atashi.wordpress.com/2007/11/13/romeo×juliet-2nd-ending-theme-good-bye-yesterday/

But otherwise, I’ve had this troublesome day… I’ve just been feeling unlike myself.

Also… I can’t tell my parents or family that I lost my jacket with everything in it… Instead… I just have to tell them that I forgot my jacket at school because it was warm.. Lying hurts… but I don’t want them to be upset with me.


One response to “// what is happening? ;;

  1. Biribiri April 25, 2010 at 9:32 pm

    Pooky i sure hope your jacket and phone and stuff is ok!
    Actually no!
    I dont HOPE its ok, me is sure its ok! :3
    If me says so, then i bet it is!

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